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Estate Planning


Estate planning is a process of identifying, priortizing and achieving your family and charitable giving objectives. Since needs, desires and tax laws can change over time, your existing estate plan should be reviewed periodically. 


As you review your existing estate plan, consider the following:


  • When was the last time your attorney reviewed your wills and trusts?


  • Does your attorney need to review/prepare any other legal documents such as a power of attorney or a living will?


  • Do you need to review ownership and beneficiary arrangements for life insurance, annuities, pension plans and Individual Retirement Accounts?


  • If you own a closely-held business, when was the last time you reviewed your succession plan?


  • Have you estimated your estate liquidity needs for final expenses, legal and probate costs, any federal or state inheritance taxes, loan repayment and family income needs?


  • If your estate is subject to Federal Estate Taxation, are you fully utilizing gifting strategies which can minimize estate tax shrinkage?


  • Would your family benefit from an irrevocable life insurance trust?


Estate planning services provided in conjunction with your licensed legal advisor.



This workbook is a way to inform your survivors of what your wishes are and where important documents are located.


This is not a legally binding document, but instead it is meant to help others carry out your wishes for you. It is a guidepost for your heirs to follow.